Hainan Island

Hainan Island, China
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Conceived as one of China’s new ‘Hawaii’ type destination resort and recreation holiday areas, Hainan Island is a 500 acre phased project integrating a significant mix of private and public, hospitality and amusement venues.

High end Single Family Residences on acreage and suburban lots are featured in a variety of locations that include Vineyard & Beach Front settings.  Urban Town Homes create a liveable core to the development within a Commercial Village Centre that integrate a Village Green, Water Sports Centre & Marina and Water Taxi.  A Racquet & Health Club Centre completes an area of public beaches and Board Walk Town Homes.

As part of the island arrival experience a small Commercial Village set in a 'high street' plan is complimented by a major Amusement Park zone complete with Midway, Amusement Rides such as Roller Coaster and Waterpark, Arcades and Movie Theatres.

Significant tracts of private and public Parklands & Beaches including a Botanical Park and Interpretative Trails create structure to development areas preserving existing natural landscape.  A mix of independently owned and operated Beach Bungalow, Pier Rental Cottages, Spa Centres and a Five Star Casino & Hotel create a diverse Recreational and Hospitality offering.

Planning incorporates an intent for slow phased sustainable growth preserving significant tracts of the natural topography and environment.