Long House

Maskwacis, Alberta - IN progress

Structural: Protostatix Engineering Consultants Ltd.

A unique project underway in our studio, Long House is a story about our client's long  held vision and dream.  This prestine 136 acres of Alberta country side have been in our client’s family for 40 years, waiting for the right moment to make this place 'home'.

The project starts with a 'gift' of a small prefabricated 28 foot by 30 foot squared log cabin.  The client's program is to develop a larger residence composed of integrated additions that incorporate this 'gifted artifact' into a whole, and captures the stunning aspects of this site.  The building will incorporate solar hot water, solar power, rain water capture.  The design of spaces throughout the residence are being organized to take advantage of passive solar gain.

Out of four potential concepts, two contenders are under consideration, each having very different characteristics spatially.  Ease and cost of construction are paramount and it is the intent to expose timber structure  as part of the interior, and expose the existing log cabin artifact.

Concepts for siting the building revolve around the requirement for cultural orientation on cardinal points related to the experience and ritual of 'entry'.  The project will also function as a private gallery for a collection of artifacts.


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