Fugman + Demers Residence

Whistler, British Columbia

Designed for a young family this 5,000 sq.ft. residence is situated on a steep site on the West side of Whistler Village.  The concept for this home provides main family living and communal quarters on two levels, with separate but attached two storey office space, studio, and youth and master bedroom wing connected by an interior glass enclosed gallery on the second floor level.  

The site was extremely difficult in it's topography with a narrow lot, and a steep rock slope on the north side.  The typical approach of driveway and garage access at the street was not possible due to the severe topography changes across the long direction of the site. 

Spectacular valley views from the property required that the design push the residence to the rear of the property, making room for a long driveway to reach the required elevation.  

The final design built between 2005 and 2007 created a garden courtyard wrapped plan with the studio and master bedroom wing in the rear looking into both the garden courtyard and wooded forest preserve, the main communal program of the residence at the front of the site, and a long private drive climbing to elevation on the south side of the property.  Dining Room, Family Room and Living Room were programmed on the second floor capitalizing on spectacular valley views.  

Garages, utility rooms, guest rooms and self contained live in suite were on the ground floor with the garden site areas on top of ground floor spaces.  Designed as a contemporary alpine home in glass, steel and stone, the uniqueness of the site created a rich planning experience with changing and layered axial views from each of the program spaces.



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