Rara Avis

PICA - Exhibition, Perth Institute of Contemporary Art, Perth, Western Australia

Exhibition Design For Artist Julie Andreyev

Artist Julie Andreyev in continuing her investigation of the natural world and astrological phenomena mounted a large scale exhibition at the Perth Institute of Contemporary Art in Perth, Western Australia. Our studio supported the artists work with exhibition elements design and installation.  This body of work consists of some 40+ art pieces, that would be housed on the entire ground floor of a beautiful two storey 19th century heritage building in the heart of Perth repurposed as PICA.  Andreyev's exhibition consists of contemporary large scale mixed media paintings free hung at the top of each piece, paintings with constructed elements, books and manuscripts, local materials brought into the gallery and plant material.

All the exhibition elements are designed so they could be fabricated, crated and shipped inexpensively with the artist in as few containers as possible.  The artists large format mixed media work were transported in rolled form along with crated fittings.  The exhibition works and elements were laid out in the PICA gallery upon arrival to acclimatize prior to starting installation.  Components were designed to be as minimal as possible so as to not visually compete or detract from the artwork.  Exhibition support design had a quasi scientific instrument aesthetic utilizing mild steel, stainless steel, plexiglass, and steel cable.  Mixed media paintings were top supported with custom designed steel fittings.  Some readjustment of some components were carried out in-situ to fit the unique physical attributes of the space.

MediaVaughan Hoy