Stavanger Concert Hall

Stavanger, Norway, International Competition

This international competition aimed at creating a new artistic and cultural image for the region that was high in artistic value and concert hall performance quality.  The program brief calls for a prestigious building for the region and an attraction in and of itself.  

The vision is for Bjergsted to become a national powerhouse in music and art and contain a concert hall of international format.  Included in the overall program of 12,825 m2 were: two concert halls of international top class calibre with a musical breadth from classical to rock music, Orchestral hall with 1,500 seats specifically designed for acoustic music, two halls for 900 seats specifically designed for electronically amplified music, two halls with flexibility for different combinations of seating capacity and stage arrangements, and two halls with standing room for 1,600 - 1,900 when the seats were removed, complete with a Lobby and gathering hall with spectacular views of the waterfront.  The overall facility is to be the new home of the Stavanger Symphony Orchestra with rehearsal rooms and other backstage support facilities.

The studio commenced five intense weeks of research and concept development leading into a competition design development level presentation.  Being a small design studio with active projects and a large international competition just finished and submitted, it was evident that the studio would be unable to complete.  The studio decided to withdraw from the competition, but realized in the process strong and valuable design and research collateral that influenced future project work.

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