'RISE' Kiosk

Whistler, British Columbia, Regional Competition, 2003

This competition was sponsored by the Municipality of Whistler to create an interactive and digital Kiosk to create a memorable place through the installation of a significant contemporary artifact that creates a focal point for the existing Village Square, and creates a functional sculptural installation that services the information program of printed and digital media.  The kiosk was to be a sculptural metaphor for the history, dramatic physical environment, current milieu, iconic of future aspirations and potential, and emblematic of an aspiring world class destination location.  The kiosk was to be a day and night event that was inspiring and a contemporary public art piece for a 2010 Olympic contending city.

Rise was a vision for a kiosk that unfolds on many levels, a bold piece utilizing steel and wood primary structure, transparent metal mesh panels, glass and ground plane lighting with embedded digital media panels.  It was reflective of fossil forms, dramatic and abstract physical geography, stratification of landscape elements, emerging new technologies of ski and board design, and the energy of competition sports.

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