Jeddah Water Park

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

For White Water West / Jeddah Parks

This project commission focusses on the overall Masterplan accompanied by Building Concept Design for 14 architectural elements for this 15 acre $12mil public urban water park in Saudi Arabia.  Development of detailed design and construction documentations were coordinated between A & E offices in Vancouver, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the United Kingdom with offices that were familiar with the regulatory and construction issues in the Middle East.   The overall project design delivery period was 18 weeks.

The park is programmed to facilitate Westerners for a portion of the operating week, with the remainder being split between womens days and mens days for the local community.  The design requirements had to respect an arid climate and a very particular, conservative, and strict cultural mileau, particularly concerning user gender issues connected with Muslim religious codes.  Screening and privacy both within the site functions and from the site exterior played a significant role in design of elements.  As part of the religious context a Mosque for fifty to sixty people was provided within the water park precinct.

Buildings included a Mosque, Restaurant and Terraces for 400 seats, Entry Arcade, Water Slide circulation towers, Site Pavilions and Kiosks, and water park equipment and maintenance facilities.  Within the cultural and client specific requirements the design aspired to provide a contemporary perspective with available materials of brick, steel, and concrete, with wood for the permeable architectural elements as traditionally developed for environmental comfort.