Dentsu Inc, Mega Dome

Tokyo, Japan

For White Water West / Dentsu Inc

This project program called for  a 300m diameter dome containing an artificial ski slope and theme park on the interior, and four - 60 storey office and residential towers exterior, one at each corner quadrant.  The mega dome and interior program was phase 1.

The entire project was approximately $3.2B construction cost as an urban infill development in repurposed industrial lands.  The client brief called for Concept design which was then developed further in Japan.  The water and theme park was extensive and included an Amazon Jungle, Guiana Highlands Rapids, Caribbean Beach with a sea battle action show area, and a Wild West ride area.  A History and Centre of Man science park was located at the opposite axis to the Entry Court.  The axial main street was developed as a 13th Century Olde Town of various Western European architectures.