Arts & Culture


Katherine Kerr of Katherine Kerr Creative is a multi-disciplinary consultant focussing on Art ● Place ● Culture.  

Katherine has over 30 years experience in these areas both as a practicing Public Artist with a considerable portfolio of built work, Art Administrator, and a building and interiors designer in architecture firms.  

She brings a wide range of experience and a speciality in Planning, Making, and Advocating for Art & Culture to projects that require incorporating art and cultural initiatives within a design and building program.  She has extensive experience in interactive advocacy building and workshopping with varied stakeholders, and hands on experience in developing and navigating municipal policy.  

Katherine is a graduate of the Ontario College of Art (now Ontario College of Art + Design) and a graduate of the University of British Columbia School of Architecture.

Katherine brings to our studio a range of in-depth and integrated cultural capacities in our project work.

For more extensive background see: www.katherinekerrcreative.com