Expo Line LRT

Vancouver LRT, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

While with Allen Parker & Associates Urban Design
Role: Design Technologist, Overall Systems Design Team and Station Design

The Expo Line is the original flagship LRT line designed for the Vancouver Transportation Expo 86.  The line connects Waterfront Station (and SeaBus) in Vancouver to King George Station in Surrey, British Columbia, principally along a route established by the Westminster and Vancouver Tramway Company as an interurban line in 1890.  The Expo Line (originally referred to as simply "SkyTrain" until the opening of the Millennium Line)was built in 1985 in time for Expo 86.  This line now has 24 stations.  Initially the line only ran as far as New Westminster station, and in 1989 it was extended to Columbia Station.  In 1990 once the SkyBridge was finished, it continued across the Fraser River to Scott Road station in Surrey, BC.

Allen Parker & Associates were the overall Alignment and Station Location planners and Urban Designers for the system at the time for BC Transit.  Of the original compliment of stations the firm designed nine stations with the remainder being commissioned to other architectural firms.  

The Overall Systems Design for stations and architectural aesthetic was greatly influenced by the new and highly successful U-Bahn Line of the time in Vienna, Austria.  Architecton UBahn became sub-consultants to Allen Parker & Associates as part of the overall systems design team.  This is where the original ideas for system architecture, structure (iconic hoop truss architecture), system furniture and industrial design components originated.  The early architecture of the stations has been renovated, however the design attitude to 'system design components' prevails as repetitive station elements for transit design and economy.

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