YWCA Courtyard Project

YWCA Banff, Alberta

While with KENNEDY Architecture, Planning, Interior Design, Visual Communications
Role: Principal-in-Charge & Project Design

Located on the existing YWCA property in Banff, the YWCA Courtyard Project marks a new flagship  project for the YWCA.  It is an innovative infill project utilizing the last remaining open space for development on the YWCA's property.  Commissioned through a competitive RFP process, the client brief called for 33 self contained units of mixed unit types between studio, one, two, and four bedroom units to fit within a range of YWCA housing service options. The project is intended to be built through a modular construction process, is designed as a Net-Zero project and contains a number of innovative sustainablility initiatives such as BioPhilic design, recaptured rain water, solar power generation, Tesla shingles, as well as potential for CoGeneration.  The project is slated for build-out in late 2018. The project management partner with the YWCA is Alberta Rural Development Network (ARDN).

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