Quarters Hotel & Condominiums

Edmonton, Alberta

While with KENNEDY Architecture, Planning, Interior Design, Visual Communications
Role: Senior Project Team Member/Design Architect various phases (see design visualization for early studies)

The Quarters Hotel + Condominium development occupies a strategic site along the East End of Jasper Avenue immediately east of the Shaw Conference Centre at the Quarters.  It consists of City of Edmonton property (east) and Alldritt Land Corporation property (west). Planning and Design began on this project in 2012 with a number of iterations in both Urban Design and Programming.  Significant re-investigation of the projects potential began again in 2014 culminating with a successful re-zoning in 2017.  The original program began with luxury Hotel + Condominiums and expanded to include conference space, commercial and amenity, a connection to the Shaw Conference Centre, a refurbished stepped urban park that would tie the Quarters to the downtown Civic Precinct of Edmonton, and to the urban balcony of the Quarters along 96th Avenue, a 500+ car underground parkade and a pedestrian connection to Louis McKinney Park to the south.  The project in it's programmatic diversity would support activities as part of the Winter City initiative.

Originally developed as a 55 story tower, the final re-zoning permitted an 80 storey landmark.  Over the five year developmental period of this project the firm maintained rigorous design evolution of the project through a significant contingent of talented project staff supported by ongoing research + development.

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