Park Pavilion Competitions for the City of Edmonton

Edmonton, Alberta

While with Kasian Architecture, Interior Design and Planning
Role: Principal-In-Charge / Design Team Lead Edmonton Office

In the summer of 2011 the City of Edmonton ran an open international design competition for a series of new park pavilions to replace existing aging public amenity infrastructure.  An internal competition process was organized where each Kasian office in Canada would have the opportunity to assemble a design team for one park pavilion entry each. Three offices responded with interested staff.

Vaughan led the overall process as well as the Edmonton team submission. The process gave junior and senior staff an opportunity to work together in a different process format, to self regulate their decision making and design generation process, experiment in a collaborative environment, and for all staff in different disciplines to participate. Pavilion choices for each team were drawn out of a hat. The resulting submissions were high quality.

Many staff developed skills they did not formally have. The exposure helped the firm to later secure with partners gh3 the Borden Park Natural Swim Experience, Canada’s first biological public swimming pool.

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