Abu Dhabi International Airport

Abu Dhabi, UAE, International Competition, 2007

While with Kasian Architecture, Interior Design and Planning Ltd
Role: Associate - Interior Design Team Lead

Inspired by the drama and poetry of light that enriches life in Abu Dhabi, this design concept choreographs the experiences that connect passengers to a place with a name that literally translates to "Father of the Gazelle".  The concept create a distinctive brand for the airport by using light to enhance way finding and passenger flow and most importantly as the symbolic thread for tying together an eternal and captivating story of life, land and change in Abu Dhabi.

For both terminals, the tale begins with the celebration of arrival on the Great Boulevard.  Here, procession and royal pageantry are referenced with alternating palm trees and sculptural natural gas lanterns set to a formal rhythm.  By day, passengers experience the shimmer of light and shadow filtered through palm trees, and at night, the dancing flames set against the desert sky mark arrival.

The competition program called for a complete renovation and overhaul of the terminal interiors, planning, circulation, security, and baggage hall areas as well as the terminal gates.  The existing commercial service hub was part of the renovation building on the existing circular form recreating an environment of spectacular experience.  The project was delivered in four weeks with the design being developed through traditional visualization techniques like sketching and precedent images and dynamic iterative modelling / rendering.


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