YWCA Banff Official Higher Ground Wellness Hub Project Release

Rendering by Oddeen Studio for Vaughan Hoy Architecture

We are greatly honoured to be the design practice that is a part of this project.  It is a remarkable and innovative undertaking on the part of the YWCA Banff, for the new Higher Ground Wellness Hub in Canmore, Alberta.

The Hub Model, Guiding Principles, and Housing Continuum represent a critically needed aspiration and a unique ‘campus’ model.  The project is grounded in a significant breadth of research which is available to the public on the attached website link, along with an inspiring short video. Congratulations to the YWCA and their supporters.


We would also like to thank our Collaborating team, John Dunham, Kendel Vreeling, Shahab Ramezani, Katherine Kerr. More information on the project and our team can be found at: https://www.vaughanhoyarchitecture.com/p-rural-and-town-planning/ywca-higher-ground

Vaughan Hoy