Cultural Institute of Chicago

December 4, 2018
Certainly one of the most splendid historic buildings I have visited in some time, the Chicago Cultural Centre on South Michigan Avenue across from Millennium Park is a must see.  It has some of the most magnificent stained glass domes in the building in the country.

Some exhibitions really worth seeing if your in the hood are part of ‘Tuned Mass: Jeff Carter, Raheem Majeed & Susan Giles’.  These shows have been running since September and continue up to January 6, 2019 in the Chicago Rooms, 2nd Floor North.

“Exploring architecture through themes of barricade, convening and gesture come together in this sculptural exhibition presented in three suites. Jeff Carter works from images of specific conflict zones sourced online and developed a series of sculptures that explore the “architecture of the barricade”. His interpretations rely on forms that express aggressive dynamics and raw utility, yet are carefully integrated and intentionally crafted.

“Board-up” and “Lean-to” are the latest evolution of Faheem Majeed’s Shacks and Shanties installation series. These current works speak to his interest in the signs of devaluing neighborhoods, the board-up initially serving to protect the investment of the house while serving as a clear notice of abandonment. The lean-to is the stripped-down form of the shack, the simplest form used for shelter and survival.

Susan Giles explores the role of hand gestures in remembering monuments. Using the Chicago Cultural Center as inspiration, these sculptures examine how gestures create imagery that reveals the internal space of memory. The lines and shapes that come from the gestures build an abstracted, mediated form representing a single monument. The work investigates our shared desire to make memory physically tangible.”

Vaughan Hoy