Transformation Through Design

This portfolio is a selection of projects over my past 35+ years in Architectural practices.  The portfolio covers projects while with the practice of Paul Merrick Architects (now Merrick Architecture), a renowned design focussed practice in Vancouver, British Columbia; work while with Kasian Architecture, Interior Design and Planning  an international firm of three hundred+ staff-where I worked in both the Vancouver offices in British Columbia and Edmonton, Alberta; and work while with KENNEDY in Edmonton, Alberta.

I am indebted to these firms for the unfettered professional opportunities and growth they provided me. Of significance in my personal education and professional development are the few mentors I have had that have given me significant engagement as a Project Architect, an Associate and Principal; to lead work and to develop and provide leadership and mentorship to others. To these mentors I am very grateful-great mentors are few and far between.

I have been privileged to work with some amazing, gifted and creative people over the years, in both architecture, interior design, and engineering, from which I learnt a great deal, enjoyed providing leadership to, and was inspired by. As a leader and team member these people made the day to day experience of working through design more meaningful and enjoyable.

In my mind the quality of our engagement with others has a lot to do with the quality of the outcome. 

The photographs of project work in this portfolio are courtesy of Paul Merrick Architects Ltd (now Merrick Architecture),  Kasian Architecture, Interior Design and Planning Ltd, and KENNEDY.  Credits are referenced in the project titles.