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Principal, Architect AAA,
AIBC, B.Arch(Hon)


Hello there,
I’m Vaughan Hoy.

I am the Principal of Vaughan Hoy Architecture and an honours graduate from the School of Architecture at the University of British Columbia.

I became registered with the Architectural Institute of British Columbia in 1995 and the Alberta Association of Architects in 2008.  My experience comes from project work that is  regional, national and international.

My practice builds upon my extensive design and delivery experience working as a Project Architect, Associate and Principal in diverse mid to large size firms, as well as my predecessor practice of a decade in British Columbia - Rural + Urban Architecture. My body of work experience covers a large range of project types.  My world view is influenced by the significant rural + urban places I have lived; Western Australia, England, California, and  Canada.  
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Practice Philosophy

We are a design centric practice which is to say we look at all professional service aspects as emanating from the tree canopy of design, and that everything technical and delivery wise comes from that great umbrella to fulfil the original intent.

We are working at the universal crossroads of many disciplines that make the experience of life fuller and greater. This ranges for our studio from the simple, practical, necessary, and poetic - to ventures in new, innovative, and unchartered waters where our clients ask us to engage and support them by bringing our sense of adventure. We believe in the 'now' and in 'enduring' work. We inform all our work with research. We thrive and live in a perpetual state of ‘inspiration’.

And we are grateful for the myriad of associations we have and meet that inform our studio and deepen our work. We like to work all around the World.


"I have had the pleasure of getting to know Vaughan Hoy in a professional manner over the last couple years on a number of projects, each of which had a number of unique challenges that required a very specialized approach. Vaughan’s technical knowledge, approach to design and his exceptional ability to balance timelines, budgets while still providing clients unprecedented service is unparalleled. Beyond that, Vaughan is incredibly charismatic, he is an artist in its purest form, and his dedication and passion is unmatched. I am more than happy to recommend Vaughan Hoy to others looking for architectural services."

Joshua Bénard
Program Director – Housing
Alberta Rural Development Network


"I have zero hesitation in forwarding this testimonial for the services that Vaughan Hoy has provided to our organization over the last two years. From our creative visioning phase to development phase for our affordable housing capital project, Vaughan has been instrumental in the entire process. The level of technical knowledge and experience that Vaughan brings to his clients is his foundation for quality work, however, it is his personal character and passion for his craft that elevate his “game” immeasurably. From the onset of our project, Vaughan demonstrated an uncanny ability to listen deeply to hear our needs and design ethics and continuously referred to those guiding principles as he developed our project plans. Vaughan transposed his own ego and looked at our project from the perspective of our clients and surpassed our expectations. He intuitively and effectively designed a “community” within a community, in a truly form meets function design. Vaughan displayed a commitment to our project timelines and was extremely resilient when meeting challenges outside the scope of work. Public consultation has never been more crucial in the current development environment and I cannot overstate how valuable Vaughan was for this segment of service delivery. He conveyed his professionalism, knowledge, passion and empathy in the public domain on numerous occasions on our behalf, and our neighbors and community members could tell that we were sincere in our consideration for their concerns. Our project was approved without a single public appeal and I have to say that Vaughan Hoy was the driving force in achieving this result."

Stephen Crotty
Chief Operations Officer
YWCA of Banff
Banff, Alberta


I had the pleasure of working with Vaughan as lead architect on a complex mixed-use project that encompassed both residential and commercial features as well as a significant arts component including a theatre, art galleries and artist live/work studios. We were so fortunate to have chosen Vaughan to guide us through the initial journey which included feasibility studies, programming decisions, concept design and community workshops.  Vaughan’s enthusiasm for the project was infectious and his leadership invaluable. Vaughan brought insight, creativity, knowledge and a personal passion to the project.

Linda Huffman
former Executive Director
Arts Habitat Edmonton


Collaboration supports and informs our studio practice.

Let me introduce you to professionals I often work with that enlarge our scope. 

Our practice and the range of design service we offer is supported through collaboration with experienced  professionals we know. These collaborators provide consulting, technical, production horsepower and specialty expertise as team members on our projects as required. These are our daily trusted advisors to the design and project work we do. They understand what our practice is about and what we like to do and extend our practice's creative capability and range.


Gord Heisch


John Dunham


Katherine Kerr

Arts & Culture


Kendel Vreeling

Visual Communications & Exhibition Design


Mika Katayama

Visual Communications



CG Art Visualization

Mike Buss

Interior & Ind. Design


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We are here to help you with your dreams and creative prospects and love to talk ideas that you may not have thought about yet.  And we love becoming our client' trusted advisors around all things design.  So don't be shy, contact us.


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  • urban and rural family residences and renovations, ranches, barns, agricultural buildings, and all things Cottage Country (that would include your boat house or art studio and guest house) - from Coast to Coast and anywhere in the World

  • community integrated hostels & support housing/community service Hubs

  • indigenous and first nations co-design for community buildings and housing

  • planning + urban design

  • renovation and restoration of rural towns

  • facilities + interiors for the arts

  • restoration of historic and heritage things

  • health, wellness, education and spiritual retreats

  • religious buildings

  • boutique hotels urban or otherwise

  • murals - public and private

  • large scale carpet artwork

  • recording studios & hosting facilities

  • flagship tall buildings

  • branding and re-branding

  • graphic design

  • specialty illustration design

  • park structures

  • exhibition design and gallery installation design

  • spas, sports, and car racing tracks and facilities

  • wineries and scotch distilleries

  • airports

  • sea-can-tecture